Mon 4.9

US deficit worsens, surpasses $1 trillion 
— The U.S. budget deficit will surpass $1 trillion by 2020, two years sooner than previously estimated, as tax cuts and spending increases signed by President Donald Trump do little to boost long-term economic growth, according to the Congressional Budget Office.
— Spending will exceed revenue by $804 billion in the fiscal year ending Sept. 30, jumping from a projected $563 billion shortfall forecast in June, the non-partisan arm of Congress said in a report Monday. In fiscal 2019, the deficit will reach $981 billion, compared with an earlier projection of $689 billion.
— The national debt, which has topped $21 trillion, is expected to soar to more than $33 trillion in 2028. By then, debt held by the public will almost match the size of the nation’s economy, reaching 96 percent of gross domestic product, a higher level than any point since just after World War II and well past the level that economists say could court a crisis.
— The new C.B.O. projection is the first since President Trump signed a tax cut that is expected to cost the government nearly $1.9 trillion over 11 years, then signed legislation to significantly boost military and domestic spending over the next two years. The figures are sobering, even in a political climate where deficit concerns appear to be receding.

“There are roughly 300 million Americans. This puts $3333 on the national credit card for every single one of us. That’s $13,000+ interest for a family of 4.
How much did you get in your tax cut?”
— “Paula” commenting in the NY TImes.


Lawsuit: Assad regime hunted, killed US journalist
because she reported war crimes
The Intercept
Marie-Colvin415— Documents provide detailed evidence to support the claim that Marie Colvin was deliberately hunted and killed as part of a policy by the Assad regime to eliminate journalists. They also offer an insider account of the death of French journalist Gilles Jacquier, who, according to one regime defector, was assassinated in a government attack staged to look like a rebel assault. 

YouTube illegally collects data on children,  coalition says
The Guardian
— The group states that Google collects personal information on children under 13 such as location, device identifiers and phone numbers and tracks them across different websites and services without first gaining parental consent as required by US law.

Facebook to tell users whether they’re among 87 million
whose info was collected by Cambridge Analytica
… most of the affected users (more than 70 million) are in the U.S., though there are over a million each in the Philippines, Indonesia and the U.K.

No, Buzz Aldrin did not claim to see a UFO while in space
Ridiculous bullshit reported as real by Drudge, MSN News, various UK, Irish and Australian tabloids … 

NOT fake news
 Homeland Security is looking to monitor journalists, bloggers
— Among the things this database should be able to achieve is an archive of detailed information on journalists and “influencers”, including contact information and past coverage produced by that individual.

Older white educated voters turned off by GOP
— Older, white, educated voters helped Donald Trump win the White House in 2016. Now, they are trending toward Democrats in such numbers that their ballots could tip the scales in tight congressional races from New Jersey to California, a new Reuters/Ipsos poll and a data analysis of competitive districts shows.
–Nationwide, whites over the age of 60 with college degrees now favor Democrats over Republicans for Congress by a 2-point margin, according to Reuters/Ipsos opinion polling during the first three months of the year. During the same period in 2016, that same group favored Republicans for Congress by 10 percentage points.

North Americans are world’s top couch potatoes
–Four hours a day in front of TV.

(Depiction of said donut)

Lawsuit seeks
class action over
alleged “fake donuts”

— Irina Agajanyan ate two donuts.
— This fateful event occurred at a Krispy Kreme in Burbank, California and is now the focus of a stupendous “fake donut” lawsuit.

Sen. Graham: Assad’s a war criminal who should be “taken out”
The Hill

” … Assad and his inner circle should be considered war criminals, legitimate military targets. If you have the opportunity to take him out, you should.”

Syria, Russia deny chemical weapons attack,
try to shift focus to Israel

— Syria and Russia accused Israel on Monday of carrying out a deadly bombing raid on a Syrian military airport, as calls grew for international action over an alleged chemical attack on a rebel held-town.
— Britain was the latest country to urge a “strong” response to accusations that dozens of people were killed by poison gas in Douma, a battered opposition-held town near the capital.
— The escalating pressure came as Damascus and Moscow blamed Israel for an early morning missile strike on Syria’s T-4 airbase.

Shares of Russian companies crash under pressure of US sanctions
Moscow Times
oleg— Shares of Russian companies, including a holding group that manages the assets of tycoon Oleg Deripaska, have plummeted by as much as 50 percent following last week’s round of U.S. sanctions.
— En+ Group, controlled by Deripaska, warned on Monday that the new round of anti-Russian sanctions would “highly likely” adversely affect its business and prospects. Leading global aluminium producer Rusal, also under Deripaska’s control, said the sanctions could trigger technical defaults on some of its debts.
>>> Who is Oleg Deripaska? Quick read from Forbes
… One of the world’s richest men, he is a person of interest in the Russian election-hacking investigation due to his business ties with former Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort.

Judge rules group can challenge male-only military draft
Courthouse News Service
— The National Coalition for Men can proceed with its class action lawsuit challenging the government’s men-only mandate for registering for the military draft, a federal judge ruled on Friday.
— Although the U.S. military is now an all-volunteer force, to stay prepared for a major war the Military Select Service Act requires men age 18 to 25 to register with the Select Service System.
— The government held its last draft, for the Vietnam War, in 1973.
— All men, including undocumented immigrants, who do not register and keep their contact information current can be sentenced to five years in prison, fined up to $250,000 and be disqualified from federal financial aid and citizenship, though no man has been prosecuted for failing to register since the 1980s.

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