Tue 4.3

First sentence in Mueller probe
Dutch attorney gets 30-day sentence after guilty plea
— Special counsel Robert Mueller obtained the first sentence in his high-profile investigation Tuesday, as a Dutch attorney who admitted to lying to investigators was sent to prison for 30 days.
— Lawyers for former Skadden Arps associate Alex van der Zwaan, 33, had asked U.S. District Court Judge Amy Berman Jackson to give him probation.

Our corrupt government, part 1
Gov’t says Hurricane Maria killed 64 in Puerto Rico…

… Scientists say actually, more than 1000 people died
pricoThe lack of proper scientific data collection in Puerto Rico during and after Hurricane Maria hit the island last September has resulted in the death toll being severely underreported — the real number is closer to 1,085 than the government’s estimate of 64 — essentially limiting necessary financial and other aid resources, according to research published in Health Affairs.

Our corrupt government, part 2 
“I don’t fucking care”

Researchers say they were shocked when George Koob shouted those words. Koob supposedly was the US official in charge of fighting alcohol addiction. And the researchers were presenting evidence that advertising encouraged youngsters to drink. So …
It turns out that the National Institutes of Health had made a secret handshake with the booze industry. The government was going to help their booze buddies by announcing that booze is good for you.

NASA envisions robot bees swarming Mars
marsbees— NASA has awarded funding to researchers from the University of Alabama and an unnamed team in Japan for development of Marsbees—a swarm of robot bees that could fly in the thin Martian atmosphere and deliver information from their sensors.
— NASA’s Mars rovers travel very slowly on land, and can’t survey much territory. Swarms of robot bees could fan out and explore the surface from a wide range of perspectives.

America’s stupid gun violence
“Just playing around” Man shot in head, live on Facebook
Fort Worth Star-Telegram
— The victim, identified by friends as 26-year-old Devyn Holmes, was with Cassandra Damper, 25, and another man inside the vehicle, authorities said.
— The three were checking out two guns when Damper fired one by accident, hitting Holmes, who was sitting in the driver’s seat, according to investigators.

>>> Guns are now responsible for 75% of killings in America
The Independent

Slouching toward a teachers strike: How Oklahoma stumbled
The Conversation
— A decade without teacher raises, tax cuts for oil companies, a 24% reduction in education funding … what did they expect?
Plus! The unintended consequences of the (ahem) right to work laws.

Potential riches so vast they can hardly be counted
The massive prize luring miners to outer space
asteroid— Sending a spacecraft to the far reaches of our solar system to mine asteroids might seem like an improbable ambition best left to science fiction. But it’s inching closer to reality. A NASA mission is underway to test the feasibility on a nearby asteroid, and a niche group of companies is ramping up to claim a piece of the pie.
— Industry barons see a future in finding and harnessing water on asteroids for rocket fuel, which will allow astronauts and spacecrafts to stay in orbit for longer periods. Investors, including Richard Branson, China’s Tencent Holdings and the nation of Luxembourg, see a longer-term solution to replenishing materials such as iron and nickel as Earth’s natural resources are depleted.
— The estimated potential value of some of these asteroids–assuming you could completely mine them, and assuming current market valuations–is so substantial as to be barely comprehensible. That represents the world’s total gross domestic product (about $80 trillion) 192,283 times over.

Researchers: Want a happier marriage? Hire out those nasty chores
NY Times
— Scholars at the Harvard Business School and the University of British Columbia examined whether buying timesaving services could improve relationships. The study, which involved over 3,000 people, revealed that those who spent more money on timesaving services were more satisfied with their relationships, in part because they spent more quality time with their partners.

Income inequality
Worst 7 are all in Africa. US ranks with Jamaica, Haiti, Uganda, El Salvador
NPR (with chart)

Trump claims to sleep on “My pillow” …
perhaps that accounts for his cranky 3am tweets

Minneapolis Star Tribune
— TV pitchman Mike Lindell spent Easter Weekend with America’s Con Man at Mar-A-Lago.  Trump claimed he slept on one of Lindell’s “My Pillows.” Would a better pillow allow POTUS to get a better night’s sleep? 
— My Pillows have been widely disparaged for low quality, and Lindell’s company has been under a cloud. So … maybe somebody should send a decent pillow to the White House.

MyPillow Mike Lindell and Trump - Photo
Mike Lindell brought a pillow to his meeting with Trump

mike-lindell-cocaine-addiction-domestic-abuse-arrest-my-pillow-ppThe Nightmare past of Pillow King Mike Lindell
Radar Online
Drug addiction, bankruptcies, divorce, allegations of sexual abuse, writing bad checks at casinos … Lindell even boasts that he was so out of control that his DRUG DEALER staged an intervention.

Israeli officials approved of shooting unarmed protesters
— The Israeli army’s decision to open fire on Palestinian demonstrators in Gaza, killing 17 people and wounding hundreds of others, was “calculated” and “unlawful,” a human rights watchdog has said.
— In a report following the deadly “Land Day” protests in Gaza on Friday, Human Rights Watch said senior Israeli officials who called for live ammunition to be used against protesters who did not pose a serious threat are responsible for their deaths.
>>> Meanwhile in US, Border Patrol agent on trial for shooting teen
Courthouse News Service
16-year-old shot ten times in the back, 3 times in the head.

‘Policing for profit’ lawsuit advances in New Mexico
Courthouse News Service
Albuquerque has no problem with cops seizing peoples’ cars just for the hell of it. The city makes $500,000 a year on this scam.

Millennials often don’t bother to vote. Will Parkland change that?
LA Times
— Young people are one of the biggest untapped forces in U.S. politics.
— By next year, millennials, born between 1981 and 1996, are projected to outnumber baby boomers, born between 1946 and 1964. But they go to the polls in staggeringly small numbers.

Lawsuit: Infertility doctor inserted his own sperm, not husband’s
Courthouse News Service
Couple, surprised by Ancestry.com results, say doctor knew all along he was biological father of their daughter. 



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