Wed 3.14 — Pi Day

By now you’re probably tired of student walkouts
and Stephen Hawking stories, so let us move on …


Pi Day
Even after 22 trillion digits, we’re no closer to the end of Pi

— As computers got faster and memory became more available, digits of pi began falling like dominoes, racing down the number’s infinite line, impossibly far but also never closer to the end.

Talking head Kudlow to be Trump’s economy guy
— Conservative commentator and economic analyst Larry Kudlow will be named chairman of the White House National Economic Council, filling the vacancy left by Gary Cohn, according to reports by the Washington Post and CNBC.
— A source told Axios President Trump thinks Kudlow can get him good TV coverage. As CNBC’s Jim Cramer put it: “The president, I believe, is listening to Larry Kudlow on our air, and likes what he hears.”

5 takeaways from Conor Lamb’s win
The Hill
Tuesday’s results have emboldened Democrats who believe that Lamb’s strong performance is proof that the GOP can’t lean too heavily on the tax plan as the centerpiece of its midterm strategy.

Another American con-job
A tale of blood, money, bamboozled media and duped investors
— Elizabeth Holmes raised hundreds of millions of dollars from investors on the promise that her medical-testing startup Theranos Inc. would change medicine with a single drop of blood. On Wednesday, securities regulators called her a fraud and forced her to give up the company she built.
— The lawsuit and settlement announced Wednesday by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission detailed how Holmes and her chief deputy lied for years about their technology, snookered the media, and used the publicity to get investors to hand more than $700 million to keep the closely held company afloat.

Britain expels diplomats over spy poisoning 
British Prime Minister Theresa May on Wednesday expelled 23 diplomats and suspended high-level contacts with Russia including for the World Cup, saying her government found Moscow “culpable” of a nerve agent attack on a former spy.
>>> Moscow slams May’s “shortsighted, unjustified” move
What better source than the Kremlin’s propaganda organ?

Kremlin begins retreat from West
Russian gas giant Gazprom cuts overseas jobs
— “In Russia, this story can be sold as a job creation exercise on home turf. This is useful, especially ahead of the presidential election,” said the source, referring to the vote on Sunday that Putin is widely expected to win.

Homesellers using spycams to monitor prospective buyers
— As homes become smarter, real estate agents and home buyers are increasingly finding there’s an extra set of eyes and ears on them as they tour properties for sale. In a 21st-century version of the “nanny cam,” Realtors describe everything from old-fashioned security cameras to newer contraptions like Nest thermostats   tracking their conversations and actions. The rise of these wired home sellers is raising fresh concerns about privacy, courtesy and legality in a transaction that’s already fraught with emotion and potential pitfalls.

Finding suggest Neanderthals practiced compassionate health care
Eureka Alert
— They have an unwarranted image as brutish and uncaring, but new research has revealed just how knowledgeable and effective Neanderthal healthcare was.
— The study, by the University of York, reveals that Neanderthal healthcare was highly effective, challenging our notions that they were brutish compared to modern humans.

Lawsuit demands TSA explain phone searches
NBC News
The Transportation Security Administration is searching the cellphones and other electronic devices of domestic air travelers and should be ordered to document when, how and why, according to a federal lawsuit filed Monday.

Wal-Mart to expand home grocery delivery to 100 markets
Tech Crunch
I can’t wait to get wilted lettuce and rock-hard tomatoes delivered to my front porch.

Portland Or. writes Uber a $3 million ticket
— The city has fined Uber nearly $3.5 million and renewed its permit to operate in Portland for just six months instead of a year — essentially putting it on probation while the City Council ponders stiffer regulations, such as requiring Uber and Lyft to carry the same liability insurance as taxis.

Armed teacher accidentally wounds 3 students
while demonstrating gun safety
Raw Story
“I have concerns about why he was displaying a loaded firearm in a classroom,” Sand City (Calif.) Police Chief Brian Ferrante said. “We will be looking into that.”

Trump wants them gone: McMaster, Sessions, Jared&Ivanka
Vanity Fair
— Last Tuesday, Trump met with ultra-hawkish former U.N. ambassador John Bolton in the Oval Office to discuss a potential job offer. Bolton has for years argued that the United States should pre-emptively attack Tehran. In 2015, he wrote a New York Times op-ed headlined, “To Stop Iran’s Bomb, Bomb Iran,” and last month, he wrote a Wall Street Journal op-ed outlining the legal case for a pre-emptive strike against North Korea.
— According to a person who spoke with Bolton after the meeting, Bolton recalled that Trump said he wanted him to join the administration: “We need you in here, John.” Bolton responded that there were only two jobs he’d consider: secretary of state and national security adviser. Trump said, “O.K, I’ll call you really soon.”

Trump tells aides to pump up anti-China tarriffs
— Trump told Cabinet secretaries and top advisers during a meeting at the White House last week that he wanted to soon hit China with steep tariffs and investment restrictions in response to allegations of intellectual property theft, according to three people familiar with the internal discussions.



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