Tue 3.6

Oh, that cuddly Kim family
N. Korea says would freeze nuke program if US will talk
The Guardian
> North Korea is willing to discuss relinquishing its nuclear weapons, and will freeze its nuclear and missile programmes if it begins direct talks with the US, in a dramatic easing of tensions after a visit by senior South Korean politicians.
> The North Korean leader, Kim Jong-un, will also meet his South Korean counterpart, Moon Jae-in, in late April in the first summit of its kind in more than a decade, Moon’s office said. The two leaders will meet at Panmunjom on the highly militarised border.
>>> Skeptical US general on N. Korea offer: “Show me.”
Washington Examiner

There goes the house, honey
Flynn selling home to cover legal bills from Mueller probe
The Hill
Sending a chill through Trumplandia. Maybe signing on with the Orange One wasn’t such a smart move? 

Speaking of Demented Donny:
“Lowest rated Oscars in HISTORY,” the president tweeted Tuesday morning. “Problem is, we don’t have Stars anymore – except your President (just kidding, of course)!”

nunberg2-sketchNunberg sobers up
The Hill
Sam Nunberg’s apparent capitulation came after he spent most of Monday declaring in a series of media interviews that he would defy the subpoena from Mueller, who is investigating Russian election interference and possible collusion between the Trump campaign and Moscow.

But wait, there’s more…
“Just spoke with Sam Nunberg. He told me he’s fully cooperating now with Mueller’s team and he’s intending to go get treatment following his grand jury appearance on Friday.”
— Charles Gasparino, Fox Business Network
So maybe this was Nunberg’s strategy: Show up drunk and crazy on TV, testify before Grand Jury, blame it all on the booze and hope to escape with stint at Hazelden?

Doctors protest Medicare change
that would allow pharmacists to deny opioid Rxs

Judge: Man’s car is his castle …
a ruling that could benefit homeless
>  A Seattle man is celebrating after a judge ruled that the truck he has been living in is his home and the city can’t sell it to pay for a hefty parking ticket and fines. The ruling could affect hundreds of homeless people living in their vehicles.
> The judge’s ruling is based on the 123-year-old Homestead Act that says the government can’t force anyone to sell their home to satisfy debts. This is apparently the first time anyone has successfully argued that a vehicle can be a home.

“Today’s storms will be tomorrow’s high tides”
 “A storm [such as we experienced] along the East Coast of the United States this weekend, that will be a high tide at some point in the future, whether that’s two or three decades or eight decades, we’ll see, but it’s coming.”
— NOAA oceanographer William Sweet

cartoon-george-bushBush the Younger:
Trump “Sorta makes me look pretty good, doesn’t he?”
National Journal via Twitter
I don’t know George. You DO remember the million who were killed and the vast fortune that was wasted in a war fought because you and your cronies twisted the facts, right? WMD and all that, right? 

Conspiracy whack-jobs arrested at church, site of mass shooting
San Antonio Express

“Your daughter never even existed. Show me her birth certificate. Show me anything to say she was here.”

> Two conspiracy theorists who have pushed the idea that the mass shooting at Sutherland Springs on Nov. 5 didn’t happen were arrested Monday at First Baptist Church, the site of the massacre, after the church’s pastor accused them of repeatedly harassing the community.
> The Wilson County Sheriff’s Office declined to provide charging information on Robert Ussery, 54, who founded conspiracy website Side Thorn, and his partner Jodi Mann, 56, who is referred to as “Conspiracy Granny” online.

Teacher unrest spreading to Oklahoma
“A walkout would be the last resort, but we want more money for education in the state, that means more money for supplies, more staff, and pay raises so teachers will stay. Teachers are leaving left and right, we’re the lowest paid in the country.”

>>> W. Virginia cheapskates cave, promise teachers their 5% raise
” WV administration is saying teacher raise money will have to come from cuts to Medicaid. This is how austerity governments throw ice water on labor organizing: they make it seem like a zero-sum game. Any gains for a particular group of workers must come at the expense of others. ”
–Meagan Day on Twitter

Oregon to deny gun ownership to abusers, stalkers 
Oregon Public Broadcasting
> A bill prohibiting domestic abusers and people under restraining orders from owning firearms became America’s first new gun control law since the Feb. 14 Florida high school massacre.

Washington first state to write its own net neutrality rules




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