Wednesday Jan. 24

This morning Mr. Drudge is on a rampage of fake news suggesting the FBI’s Russia probe is corrupt. Somehow, my instincts suggest that the FBI has a tad more integrity than Mr. Drudge. His page today includes stories on:
Climate change denial… raging pit bulls … the usual obsession with earthquakes and volcanoes… wild horses running from slaughter … dog meat markets… and thank god, the suggestion that Daniel Day-Lewis may not have retired after all.

Chinese scientists clone monkeys AP/Yahoo
monkey“The barrier of cloning primate species is now overcome,” declared Muming Poo of the Chinese Academy of Sciences in Shanghai.
In a paper released Wednesday by the journal Cell, he and his colleagues announced that they successfully created two macaques. The female baby monkeys, about 7 and 8 weeks old, are named Zhong Zhong and Hua Hua

24 days into the New Year.
11 school shootings so far.
NY Times
ATLANTA — On Tuesday, it was a high school in small-town Kentucky. On Monday, a school cafeteria outside Dallas and a charter school parking lot in New Orleans. And before that, a school bus in Iowa, a college campus in Southern California, a high school in Seattle.
> Gunfire ringing out in American schools used to be rare, and shocking. Now it seems to happen all the time.
> The scene in Benton, Ky., on Tuesday was the worst so far in 2018: Two 15-year-old students were killed and 18 more people were injured. But it was one of at least 11 shootings on school property recorded since Jan. 1, and roughly the 50th of the academic year.
> Researchers and gun control advocates say that since 2013, they have logged school shootings at a rate of about one a week.
> “We have absolutely become numb to these kinds of shootings, and I think that will continue,” said Katherine W. Schweit, a former senior F.B.I. official and the co-author of a study of 160 active shooting incidents in the United States.

Feds block Haitians from temporary work visas Fortune
…  citizens of Haiti, as well as Belize and Samoa, will be prohibited from applying for the temporary H-2A and H-2B visas.
… Feds justify the move by noting that Haitian nationals “present extremely high rates of refusal” and “have historically demonstrated high levels of fraud and abuse and a high rate of overstaying the terms of their H-2 admission.” Haiti has reportedly not demonstrated improvement in these areas of concern. However, the justification provides no evidence or statistics to back the claim.

Source: National Science Foundation
China now publishes more science research than US Futurism
While China published more research overall, in regards to various areas of research, the United States, the European Union, and China all have their different strengths. China and South Korea prevail in engineering, whereas the EU and U.S. top biomedical science research.

US is only 1 step away from this tactic
Egypt’s race for president kicks off with arrest of top challenger Vice News

Flynn talked to FBI last year, concealed it from Trump Raw Story
When he was national security adviser Mike Flynn met privately in his West Wing office for an interview with FBI agents about his communications with the Russian ambassador.
>>> Trump fears media shit storm, and so won’t fire Mueller (Sanders says)
The Daily Beast

Keillor defends himself against more sex claims MPR News

Tech exec: Facebook addictive, should be regulated like tobacco company
The Guardian
“I think that, for sure, technology has addictive qualities that we have to address, and that product designers are working to make those products more addictive, and we need to rein that back as much as possible.”

Wave of foreclosures about to hit Puerto Rico AP
Confusion and panic is spreading across this U.S. territory as the majority of moratorium agreements expire this month, with many people discovering they never qualified for the moratorium in the first place or struggling to obtain extensions because they cannot pay what is owed to the banks.

AT&T lobbies Congress for Net Neutrality law CNN

Tax law showers cash on lobbying firms The Hill

>750 communities have now built their own broadband Motherboard
(States in red have erected at least some barriers to local broadband)


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