Thursday Jan. 18

“top 20”
for new HQ

I’m thinking Northern Virginia or Newark. What’s your guess? Audible’s already in Newark; N. Virginia would be best for political impact.

14 at Michigan State were warned about pervert doctor
Detroit News
Larry Nassar_1487817633331.jpg_9033926_ver1.0_1280_720Among those notified was MSU President Lou Anna Simon, who was informed in 2014 that a Title IX complaint and a police report had been filed against an unnamed physician, she told The News on Wednesday.
Among the others who were aware of alleged abuse were athletic trainers, assistant coaches, a university police detective and an official who is now MSU’s assistant general counsel, according to university records and accounts of victims who spoke to The News.
>>> Pervert doctor complains to judge:
victim statements are stressing him out.
The Daily Beast
>>> Perverts pervasive at UN, staff says The Guardian

Feds to shield medicos who claim religious freedom Reuters
Payback for the religious right.

Probe: Did NRA funnel Russian cash to Trump campaign? McClatchy

Apple to pay fraction of its tax bill under new law Gizmodo
>>> Apple, Google buses attacked in Silicon Valley BBC
Police: We’re not certain what caused the damage at this time, but we’re not ruling anything out.”

House Dems: Let cities build their own broadband networks The Hill

$107 million raised for Trump inauguration.
Where did it go? Who knows?
USA Today

Feds to strangle Consumer Protection agency Politico
In banks we trust!

Satis-Smart-Toilet1Absurd tech on the horizon:
$6,000 smart toilet and stripper robots


Torture Air Lines
CIA “rendition” flights from N. Carolina
The Guardian

More charges, suspects possible in Las Vegas mass murder KVVU-TV

Earth’s relentless warming sets brutal new record in 2017 Bloomberg

Drill baby drill
Okies gonna be shakin’ and quaking’ for quite a while Newsweek
Magnitude three or higher earthquakes were once a rarity in the state, with one per year before 2011. In 2015, there were over 900. “It is a phenomenal thing that has occurred.”  The state is now the most seismically active in the lower 48.

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