9,000 layoffs, 3,500 demotions
after Wal-Mart’s ballyhooed pay raise


Fiat-Chrysler moving truck production from Mexico to Michigan CNN Money
2015 Ram 1500 Ignition Orange Sport Crew Cab 4x4…  
will spend more than $1 billion to revamp its Warren Truck Assembly Plant, which will start making the Ram heavy-duty truck in 2020. The truck is currently made in Saltillo, Mexico … will add 2,500 jobs in Michigan … “savings generated by tax reform and that we openly acknowledge the resulting improvement in the U.S. business environment.”

N.H. high court to hear women’s topless challenge Darien News
“The law in the state of New Hampshire is that it is legal for a woman to go topless, so we’re trying to get the town of Laconia to recognize and to stay with the state. The town ordinance, in our opinion, is not constitutional. We’re hoping the Supreme Court will see that.”

38 minutes of panic

False nuclear missile alert broadcast in Hawaii Honolulu Star Advertiser
> State emergency management officials mistakenly issued a missile threat alert at about 8:07 a.m. today, sending Hawaii into an intense, short-lived panic before they started correcting their error about 20 minutes later.
> Although the state emailed that the alert was a mistake at about 8:25 a.m., they did not issue a cell phone alert correction — the way many residents first learned of the bogus alert — until about 38 minutes after the initial mistake.

Homeless since the hurricane

Tens of thousands of Texans are living in tents, sheds, motel rooms, vehicles since Hurricane Harvey Vice News

University of Arizona study
Changes in jet stream since 1960 linked to extreme weather Eureka Alert
This winter’s extreme cold and snow in the North American Northeast and extreme warmth and dryness in California and the American Southwest are related to the winter position of the North Pacific Jet, the research team says.

Texas gerrymandering battle goes to Supreme Court Courthouse News Service
> A three-judge panel in San Antonio federal court, led by Judge Xavier Rodriguez, ruled in August that Texas Republican lawmakers had discriminated against minority voters, who typically vote for Democrats, when they adopted voting maps in 2013.
> The panel ordered the state to redraw nine Texas House of Representatives districts before the March 2018 primary elections, shortly after the same panel ordered the state to redraw two congressional districts.
> Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton appealed both orders to the U.S. Supreme Court.

Ohio man charged with installing spyware on thousands of computers NPR
phillip-durachinsky-edit-e7e16d1c18e108ff0039c62da5474637e2fa261a-s400-c85Federal prosecutors say Phillip Durachinsky created malware that enabled him to remotely access and turn on the cameras and microphones of computers … Prosecutors say he has been hacking into computers for over 13 years. A source close to the case, who spoke on background, says Durachinsky was working from the basement of his parents’ house. … once the malware gets on the computer “it has the ability to listen to people’s conversations, turn on the webcam, take screen captures, record keystrokes. It’s almost a complete surveillance device.”

Labor market so tight, even inmates being recruited NY Times

Jordan Forseth on the assembly line at Stoughton Trailers in Stoughton, Wis. He was hired there while he was an inmate.

> A rapidly tightening labor market is forcing companies across the country to consider workers they once would have turned away. That is providing opportunities to people who have long faced barriers to employment, such as criminal records, disabilities or prolonged bouts of joblessness.
> In Dane County, Wis., where the unemployment rate was just 2 percent in November, demand for workers has grown so intense that manufacturers are taking their recruiting a step further: putting inmates to work in factories even while they serve their prison sentences.

Trump company sold 1,300 condos to shadowy buyers Buzz Feed
More than one-fifth of Donald Trump’s US condominiums have been purchased since the 1980s in secretive, all-cash transactions that enable buyers to avoid legal scrutiny by shielding their finances and identities.

protesters-800x430Trump lunatics disrupt
London mayor’s speech,
tell him he’s under arrest

Raw Story
Rather confused protesters seem not to understand that London is in Great Britain, which is a separate nation from the US. Poor blokes.

Revenge porn victims taking on Facebook in court The Guardian
The Belfast-based libel and privacy expert Paul Tweed has also told the Guardian his office was being “deluged” by inquiries from people who claim naked and compromising pictures had been posted on Facebook, Twitter and other sites.
“The social networks’ presence in Dublin also means they are subject not only to Irish laws but also European privacy legislation, which entails they could be sued anywhere in Europe over this issue of so-called revenge porn.”
>>> Zuckerberg’s promise of “new” Facebook cost him $3.3 billion Bloomberg


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