Morning of Jan. 11 & updates

The House voted to reauthorize Section 702 of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act for six years. Section 702 permits the collection of information on U.S. citizens if they are communicating with foreign individuals outside the U.S. who are under surveillance. 

17 former nuclear launch officers beg Congress to limit Trump’s power to launch
(Washington Examiner)

After watching Fox TV, a confused Trump flip flops on FISA policies Raw Story

Speaking of spy powers
Facebook to sell its own cameras, mics for home installation Metro News

Federal government computers used in revenge porn The Daily Beast

GOP admits it doesn’t have the votes to pass a 2018 budget Politico
Which means their agenda is in real trouble.

State Dep’t issues travel warning for 5 Mexican states The Guardian
>>> Refugee from cartel wars pleads guilty to US drug crimes San Diego Union

Feds move to require work for some on Medicaid NPR
Although millions receive Medicaid BECAUSE their employer does not offer health insurance.

Citing tax relief, Wal-Mart raises starting wage to $11 Bloomberg

Discovery by Lawrence Berkeley Lab
Meteorites found to have water, organic compounds Eureka Alert

S. Korea to ban crypto currency. Markets quake Reuters

Uber’s secret system to thwart the cops Bloomberg
Uber’s secret method of thwarting police … San Francisco HQ can lockdown computers in its remote offices … Judge: Uber wanted to shield evidence of its illegal activities.”

German economy booming, and now, calls to share the wealth AFP

Search goes on for California mudslide victims. Toll at 17 AP

Deshia Hargrave case
Fallout from teacher’s arrest rages on ABC News
…  superintendent of Vermilion Parish Schools said he, his staff and his family have received death threats … Louisiana governor “didn’t see anything that warranted” her arrest … school system offices went into temporary lockdown … School super claims: “we care about our teachers and our support staff.”

Citadel researchers:
Fit Army recruits hard to find, especially in South Stars and Stripes

First time a legislature has assented
Vermont sends legal pot bill to governor VIce News

Yakuza boss arrested after tattoos go viral BBC






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