Jan. 10 report & updates

kaurman md trickOpioid doc hired out wife’s murder, prosecutors say AP via Yahoo.
> A New Jersey doctor running an illegal prescription opioid drug ring with a motorcycle gang had a member hire someone to kill his wife after she threatened to expose the scheme,  authorities said.
>>> A deeper look at the Kauffman story on the Bad Doctor Database
>>> Desperate cities consider “safe injection sites” for addicts NPR

Fake news reports lead to shutdown of Georgia Starbucks Raw Story

“Birth tourism” brings Russian moms to Miami NBC News

IRS paid $20 million to debt collectors, got $6.7 million in return NY Times

Trump aide proposed withdrawing US troops to please Putin The Daily Beast

Markets quake as China hints at slowdown in buying T-bills Reuters

Weinstein attacked at Scottsdale restaurant TMZ

7-11s latest target of immigration raids AP

As NY transit hub descends to 3rd world status, nobody’s got a fix plan Bloomberg

Except in US of course
Advances in high-speed rail mean parity with air travel Bloomberg
Speedy trains and planes are generally competitive until your travel plans extend beyond 1,000 kilometers (621 miles), at which point travelers consider flying superior for time savings, according to an overview of academic research by the Journal of Advanced Transportation. But new technologies may push that boundary in the years and decades to come.

Flip-flop on oil drilling off Florida coast Reuters
Which means the whole fiasco will be tied up in federal courts for years.

Court blocks Trump move to kill “Dreamers” program The Hill


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