Thursday Dec. 7

Hamas calls for Palestinian uprising Reuters
> The Israeli military said it was reinforcing troops in the occupied West Bank, as part of its “readiness for possible developments”.
> Medics said at least 31 people were wounded by Israeli army gunfire when Palestinian protests erupted in the West Bank and Gaza Strip on Thursday. They said 11 were hit by live bullets and 20 by rubber bullets. One person was in a critical condition. Some protesters threw rocks at soldiers and others chanted: “Death to America! Death to the fool Trump!”
>>> Donors, evangelicals pressured Trump to change Israel policy
Avoid NYT paywall via The Daily Beast

GE job cuts: 12,000 Bloomberg
General Electric plans to cut 12,000 jobs in its power division as the industrial conglomerate’s new CEO institutes sweeping changes and the company grapples with a decline in business for coal and natural gas products.

Elizabeth Warren aka Pokahontas. Fact or fiction? FactCheck.Org
Elizabeth_Warren_CFPBNo proof has emerged that confirms that Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren is, as she has claimed, part Native American.
Likewise, no proof has surfaced that Warren was previously hired as a professor by any university based on her alleged heritage.

Americans almost perfectly divided over that gay wedding cake thing Pew Research

Will US athletes be allowed to participate in the 2018 Olympics? CNN
“There’s an open question,” says US Ambassador to UN.

Hospitals are making a fortune on Wall Street Axios
The bottom line: Top tax-exempt hospital systems are quite profitable. They are raking in cash from Wall Street, as well as from their rush to merge and acquire competing hospitals and systems. Researchers say all that consolidation often has led to higher prices and higher insurance premiums — and usually does not lower costs, contrary to hospitals’ marketing pitches.

Deportation cops ripping families apart The Intercept
ADRIANA WAS STILL breastfeeding her daughter Riley, when officers came to her home in Texas and arrested her, her husband, and his brother. Adriana, who was in a different room with her children at the time, said the officers seemed to know exactly what they were after when they went into her brother-in-law’s room; they found a small amount of marijuana. Adriana, a 23-year-old mother of two, was jailed for a month, then held in an immigration detention center for six months, and finally deported to her native Mexico. Riley, the 10-month-old weaned by force when Adriana was arrested, is a U.S. citizen and remains in Texas. “It didn’t matter to them at all,” said Adriana.

Tulips, er, check that, Bitcoin prices on insane run AP
As of 11:15 a.m. EST, bitcoin was valued at $17,482, according to Coinbase, the largest bitcoin exchange. At the start of the year, one bitcoin was worth less than $1,000.

Dallas Morning News: 10,000 books banned in Texas prisons include:..
> “Freakonomics”
> “The Color Purple”
> “Homer Simpson’s Little Book of Laziness.”
But it’s OK for inmates to read:
> “Mein Kampf”
> Books by KKK grand wizard David Duke
> “Satan’s Sorcery Volume I”

“I will be resigning as a member of the United States Senate.”
— Al Franken

Minnesota Lt. Gov. to serve out Franken’s term Star Tribune

IMF warns China’s economy “has sown financial stability risks.” The Guardian

Mega coverage of the SoCal fires at Los Angeles Daily News
75-mph winds expected today.
UCLA classes cancelled.
And much more …

NASA photo of Southern California fires.

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