Sunday Drudgery Nov. 12


Bullshit rides a limo,
while Truth limps down the road.


Drudge headline:
BLACK DEATH WARNING: Plague could mutate and become untreatable … MILLIONS at risk…
although story says: 

Pneumonic plague (not “Black Death”) can be fatal within 72 hours of infection, though can also be cured with a course of antibiotics if administered quickly.
Despite fears the plague could spread to other countries, there are signs that the infection in Madagascar is slowing down.
Dr. Manitra Rakotoarivony, Madagascar’s director of health promotion, said: ‘There is an improvement in the fight against the spread of the plague, which means that there are fewer patients in hospitals. There are almost no more deaths due to the plague… in recent days.’

And here’s the Voice of America headline and story:
Pneumonic Plague in Madagascar Continues to Decline

DRUDGE: Air traffic controller arrested for possessing weapon of mass destruction
… conjuring up images of nuclear dirty bombs and airliners blown from the sky. Nope. Jackass had a home-made pipe bomb. He only had access to an offsite air traffic control tower and could not access any restricted areas of the terminal or ramp.

DRUDGE: New stealth bomber built in secret desert facility… 
Oooh. Scary!
Actually, the story describes a “once-empty parking lot” now “jammed with cars.”  More than a thousand new employees are working in rows of temporary trailers, a dozen tan-colored tents and a vast assembly hangar at the desert site near the edge of urban Los Angeles County.
— Somehow this seems more like an assembly line than a deep, dark secret.

DRUDGE: Boob jobs gone BUST: Surgeons spending MORE time taking out implants
When you click on this bait you find it’s Britain’s National Health Service discouraging breast implants.

Drudge: VIDEO: Vet Cries on Trump’s Shoulder During Speech…
Couldn’t have scripted this better … Oh! Right.Huh. Maybe it was scripted?

Drudge: Turns out Trump DIDN’T ruin America’ economy
Drudge knows most readers won’t bother to click through to the story, which merely says tourism rose 3.6 in New York City this year.

Drudge: Partisan divide grows in US states, with mixed results
Here’s the AP’s lead:
Democrats have hit the political trifecta in New Jersey and Washington state, seizing complete control of the governor’s office and legislative chambers in the 2017 elections.


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