Monday Nov. 13

Sen. Menendez jurors can’t decide NY Times
This case gets very little traction nationally, perhaps because everyone assumes a Senator from NJ is corrupt?

> The jury in the federal corruption trial of Senator Robert Menendez, a Democrat from New Jersey, told the judge on Monday that it could not reach a unanimous decision on any of the charges in the case, raising the prospect of a mistrial.
> Menendez and a co-defendant, Dr. Salomon Melgen, a wealthy eye doctor from Florida, have been accused of bribery and conspiracy. Prosecutors say Mr. Menendez used his office to provide favors to Dr. Melgen in exchange for gifts, rides on his private plane and political contributions. Both men have denied the charges.

Trump gets a partial win on travel ban Courthouse News Service
> Exception to Trump ban:  “foreign nationals who have a credible claim of a bona fide relationship with a person or entity in the United States.”

Snopes takes on “news” of Clinton’s supposed uranium deal Snopes
Not that reality matters to Clinton haters …
> Among the ways these accusations stray from the facts is in attributing a power of veto or approval to Secretary Clinton that she simply did not have.

Analaysis: Senate bill would raise takes for more than 13 million AP
Promoted as needed relief for the middle class, the Senate Republican tax overhaul actually would increase taxes for some 13.8 million moderate-income American households, a nonpartisan analysis showed Monday.

Budweiser’s former marketing guru: Weed is the new craft beer
> “This bud’s for you” has taken on a new meaning for Chris Burggraeve.
> The former chief marketing officer for Anheuser-Busch InBev NV, the brewer of Budweiser beer, is moving from barley and hops to cannabis as the alcohol industry casts its sights on the burgeoning market for state-sanctioned marijuana.
> “The same way that craft beer started and, for the longest time, was ignored and then exploded, there’s no reason why the same thing wouldn’t happen in this space,” he said. “There will be part supplementing and part complementing. The jury is out on how and where that will happen.”

Wikileaks urged Trump Junior to advise his father not to concede in case of loss. Newsweek
> The Atlantic broke this story but it is a slog of a read. Therefore, we’re linking to the Newsweek account.
> Basically, US intelligence has said that Wikileaks was doing the bidding of Putin and Julian Assange during the Clinton vs. Trump election. The implication here is that Trump Junior, who corresponded with Wikileaks, was therefore cooperating with Russian agents.
There’s also a simplified breakdown on Axios

Video leads to charging 26 in Penn State frat death Newser
> Newly recovered security camera footage from inside a Penn State fraternity house showed a pledge had been given at least 18 drinks in less than 90 minutes, investigators said Monday in announcing dozens of new charges related to the pledge’s death. Centre County District Attorney Stacy Parks Miller charged 10 new defendants, reinstated charges against two people whose cases had been dropped, and added counts against five who had previously been charged for actions surrounding the Feb. 4 death of Beta Theta Pi pledge Tim Piazza.

Fear of losing health care locks Americans into lousy jobs The Guardian
> Uncertainty surrounding the future of the Affordable Care Act (ACA), widely known as Obamacare, has left many people feeling too scared to risk leaving full-time employment to attempt something on their own. After several failed attempts to repeal the ACA, the current administration may, in its latest tax plan, get rid of the individual mandate that requires most Americans be insured.
> The cost of job-lock may, however, be more damaging than keeping people glued to full-time work: America may be becoming a less creative place – and a less attractive place for creative people.

Yawn: Trump promises “major statement” after Asia trip NotWorthLinking
Turns out he picks another corporate hack for cabinet. 

Whitefish Energy charged $319/hour for lineman, and paid them $63/hour NY Times via Raw Story
The Times spoke to industry experts who said that $319 per hour is far, far above the norm about amounts to about 17 times what a Puerto Rican worker would make performing the same job.
Whitefish spokesman Chris Chiames told the Times that the company had to make the jobs competitive to attract labor from around the region.
“We have to pay a premium to entice the labor to come to Puerto Rico to work,” Chiames claimed, but declined to explain the average of $256 that was disappearing between PREPA’s payouts and the pockets of Whitefish’s linemen.

Whitefish Energy’s “World Headquarters”

Facebook editors admit they can’t put a dent in fake news The Guardian
One of the factcheckers said it seemed clear that Facebook was opposed to internally hiring large numbers of journalists and experts to do the difficult fact-checking work necessary to clamp down on fake news in a meaningful way.
“The relationship they have with fact-checking organizations is way too little and way too late. They should really be handling this internally. They should be hiring armies of moderators and their own fact-checkers.”

House power broker: Repeal of state, local tax deduction is DOA Politico
House Ways and Means Committee Chairman Kevin Brady said Sunday that his colleagues would not accept Senate Republicans’ plan to eliminate a federal deduction for state and local taxes as part of an effort to overhaul the tax code.
The Texas Republican said on “Fox News Sunday” that the House would not agree to the proposal even if the Senate passed it.

The answer to everything? It’s the number 63 NPR

Aluminum foil trick can boost home WiFi signal Popular Science

A week after release, hackers claim they’ve busted Apple’s face ID security Wired

Police: “Every 16-year-old girl in Fresno” has been targeted by sex recruiters Fresno Bee
“I’d bet every 16-year-old girl in Fresno has received a message that they didn’t know was from a recruiter,” a vice detective said. “They’re recruited while sitting next to their parents in the living room. Mom or dad may be reading the newspaper or watching TV while she’s on her phone.”
>>> In Nashville, 22 indicted for trying to buy sex with minors WHNT News

5 advertisters dump Hannity after he defends pervy Roy Moore Politicus USA
>>> Hannity’s fans call  for boycott The Wrap
>>> Idiots smashing Keurig coffeemakers in protest BuzzFeed
>>> Alabama governor may delay election Newsweek
>>> “Christians” say charges actually encourage them to vote for Moore The Hill
Late breaking: Gloria Allred is holding a press conference at 2:30pm today in New York with a NEW accuser of former Alabama Judge Roy Moore

Two sailors “lost at sea” now claim rescuers were trying to kill them.Vice
Jennifer Appel and Tasha Fuiava say that the Taiwanese fishing vessel that supposedly saved them didn’t actually save them at all—the crew was trying to kill them. Here they’re being interviewed on the Today show last Friday. There are some who suspect the whole “ordeal” was a publicity stunt.




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