Friday Nov. 3


Attention Wal-Mart shoppers
Gun fight in Aisle 6
(and other news you don’t want to contemplate)

GOP tax plan punishes blue states, rewards the wealthy The Intercept
… everything in this Congress begins as farce and ends as tragedy. We’ll wait for the tragedy, because this farce of a tax bill has no chance of passing. 

Trump’s “I am the only one that matters” sets Twitter afire The Hill
President Trump pushed back Thursday on concerns about a lack of nominees for key positions at the State Department, arguing it wouldn’t affect his agenda.
“Let me tell you, the one that matters is me, I’m the only one that matters because when it comes to it that’s what the policy is going to be,” Trump said on Fox News when pressed about vacancies by Laura Ingraham.
>>> “1,000 psychiatrists, bolting upright: “See? See? We told you so!” Apple Cider Radio on Twitter.
>>>”Pretty much sums up Trump’s outlook on life…” Angela Belcamino on Twitter
>>> “Trump’s id, finally cutting out the fleshy middleman.” John Fugelsang on Twitter
>>> All the dudes who used to call Obama a dictator now talking about “context” for the guy who says “I am the only one that matters” The Mountain Goats on Twitter

House of Cards indeed CNN
It looks like it’s curtains for Spacey, as eight who worked on the hit show say his behavior was “predatory.” Yikes!
kevin-spacey-house-of-cardsKevin Spacey made the set of Netflix’s “House of Cards” into a “toxic” work environment through a pattern of sexual harassment, eight people who work on the show or worked on it in the past tell CNN. One former production assistant told CNN that Spacey sexually assaulted him during one of the show’s early seasons. All eight people, each of whom spoke to CNN on the condition of anonymity for fear of professional repercussions, described Spacey’s behavior as “predatory,” saying it included nonconsensual touching and crude comments and targeted production staffers who were typically young and male.

Skip right to the sex in Audible’s new feature Newser
Why bother with all that boring prose about private jets, billion-dollar seaside estates, and $1000 bottles of champagne?
Flipping through Fifty Shades of Grey to find a sex scene? Catering to impatient romance readers, audiobook website Audible has introduced a feature allowing visitors to skip to especially romantic scenes—from first kisses to steamy sex romps—in more than 100 of its romance titles. This modern-day “version of the dog-eared erotica page” accompanies a new “steaminess score” for books (options include “sweet,” “hot damn,” and “O-O-OMG”), as well as a new Audible subscription service. Subscribers to the Audible Romance Package gain access to thousands of novels “performed by the steamiest voices.”

NJ police chief charged with hate crimes Burlington County Times
Frank-Nucera-Jr-759x403“The defendant (Frank Nucera) harbored an intense racial animus toward African-Americans,” said acting U.S. Attorney William Fitzpatrick.
“On Sept. 1, 2016, that senseless, bigoted hatred led to an unlawful assault of a handcuffed and defenseless prisoner,” Fitzpatrick said. “It’s a shocking breach of the duty of every police officer to provide equal justice under the law and to never mistreat a person in their custody.”
The incident occurred shortly after township officers were called to the hotel on a complaint of the 18-year-old teen and his 16-year-old female companion swimming in the hotel pool after failing to pay for a room, according to court papers. 

Gothamist, DNAinfo writers vote for union, owner kills sites. NY Daily News
Take that, you ink-stained digital wretches
Ameritrade founder closed down his hobby media company, although only 27 employees in New York voted on Oct. 27 to join the Writers Guild of America East.
The decision left 115 people without jobs in Chicago, Los Angeles, San Francisco, D.C. and New York.

And the award for best political fiction goes to … Attorney General Jeff Sessions for his thriller: “Russians I Never Knew” Center for Media and Democracy
The most heated exchanges during Sessions’ appearance before the Senate Judiciary Committee last week concerned his ever-shifting explanation of what he discussed with Russian officials while serving as Trump’s campaign “go-to person” on foreign policy.
The only thing shrinking faster than Sessions’ initial denial is his credibility.
When asked during his January confirmation hearing if he had had any communications  with the Russians, Sessions responded “no.” He failed to disclose such meetings when he applied for a security clearance. The record is clear, however, that Sessions spoke with Russian ambassador Sergey Kislyak on at least three occasions in 2016.
Dave Granlund  /

Sex offenders to be identified on US passports AP

“The bearer was convicted of a sex offense against a minor…”

America’s registered child sex offenders will have to use passports identifying them.
The State Department said Wednesday it would begin revoking passports of registered child sex offenders and require them to apply for a new one that carries a “unique identifier.” It reads: “The bearer was convicted of a sex offense against a minor, and is a covered sex offender pursuant to (U.S. law).”
The changes come in response to last year’s “International Megan’s Law,” which aims to curb child exploitation and child sex tourism, but has been criticized by civil libertarians for being overly broad.

Attention Wal-Mart shoppers, gunfight on Aisle 6. Denver Post
There are so, so many reasons not to shop Wal-Mart, and now it turns out, lots of their shoppers are packing heat.
When a gunman opened fire inside a Walmart in Thornton, CO Wednesday night, shoppers screamed and ran for cover — and others pulled out their own handguns.
But those who drew weapons during the shootings ultimately delayed the investigation as authorities pored over surveillance videotape trying to identify the assailant who killed three people, police said Thursday.

Experts: Dr. Strangelove was right, we don’t need all these nuclear weapons Motherboard
040203-f-6809h-006It could cost the United States $1.2 trillion to modernize its nuclear arsenal between 2017 and 2046, the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office reports.
The annual tab, $40 billion, pays for upkeep on America’s 4,000 atomic warheads. Under the terms of a treaty with Russia, the US can legally keep 1,550 of the warheads in a high state of readiness.
The options:  Reducing the ready-to-launch warheads to 1,000 or fewer. Or eliminate one of the of the nuclear triad by decommissioning all of the land-based rockets, all of the missile subs, or all of the stealth bombers.
The deepest cuts could save $200 billion over 30 years.


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