Wednesday Nov. 1

The Tech Giants’ dog-and-pony show in Washington was overshadowed by NYC terrorism coverage. Not much was missed however, as Silicon Valley lawyers vied to win the Sanctimony Sweepstakes, and politicians gave their best imitations of outrage. Who said the best actors were in Hollywood?
So let’s move on to other business … Here are today’s news summaries in 99 words or fewer.

NYC terror suspect had visa Trump wants to end (Newsweek)

Sayfullo Saipov, 29, has been arrested after allegedly driving a Home Depot truck through pedestrians on a bike path in Lower Manhattan off the West Side Highway near Chambers Street on Oct. 31, 2017 in an apparent act of terror. Here, Saipov brandishes weapons after crashing the truck. (CHRISTIAAN WAGENER)

The suspect for the deadliest terror attack in New York City since 9/11 reportedly entered the United States under a visa program that PresidentTrump has tried to end.
Sayfullo Saipov, a 29-year-old Uzbekistan native, was awarded a permanent resident visa in 2010 under the Diversity Immigrant Program, ABC New Yorkreported. The program is meant to increase the number of immigrants from countries with low rates of U.S. immigration. The program awards 55,000 green cards a year, a majority of which go to people in African and Eastern European nations, according to U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services.
>>> Extensive coverage by NY Daily News

Another allegation surfaces against Spacey AP

Spacey at the Old Vic

LOS ANGELES  — A  second actor made an allegation against Kevin Spacey on Tuesday, halting production on his Netflix series “House of Cards.”
Mexican actor Robert Cavazos wrote on his Facebook page that he encountered Spacey at the bar of London’s Old Vic Theatre, where Spacey was artistic director, and the actor tried to fondle him against his will.
“It was more common for this guy, when he was in the bar of his theater, grabbing whoever caught his attention,” Cavazos wrote. “I didn’t stand for it, but I know some people who were afraid to stop it.”
>>> Old Vic Theater sets up tip line for Spacey complaints Page Six

Using “New York channel” US pursues secret talks with N. Korea Reuters
The United States is quietly pursuing direct diplomacy with North Korea, a senior State Department official said, despite President Trump’s assertion that talks are a waste of time.
Using the “New York channel,” Joseph Yun, U.S. negotiator, has been in contact with diplomats at Pyongyang’s United Nations mission. Talks have “not been limited at all, both (in) frequency and substance,” said the  State Department official.
There is no sign, however, that the communications have improved the relationship. 
Among the points that Yun has made to his North Korean interlocutors is to “stop testing” nuclear bombs and missiles, the official said.

Iowa judge hands setback to public worker unions Courthouse News Service
In a blow to Iowa’s public labor unions, a state judge upheld sweeping changes limiting the rights of more than 180,000 government workers to collectively bargain for health insurance, better pay and other benefits.
Polk County Chief District Court Judge Arthur Gamble sided with the state in a 23-page ruling Monday, finding that Iowa had established a “rationally credible concern” that public safety could be jeopardized if the state did not preserve more generous bargaining rights for police officers and firefighters than other government workers.

Thousands attended 2016 march secretly organized by Russia The Hill
Thousands of Americans attended a march last November organized by a Russian group that used social media to interfere in the 2016 election.
The demonstration in New York City a few days after the election appears to be the largest and most successful effort by Russian-linked groups intent on using social media platforms to influence American politics.
Sixteen thousand Facebook users said that they planned to attend a Trump protest on Nov. 12, 2016, organized by the Facebook page for BlackMattersUS, a Russian-linked group that sought to capitalize on racial tensions between black and white Americans. The event was shared with 61,000 users.

Lefty batters have significant advantage,
especially if they toss righty
Eureka Alert
leftyBaseball players who bat left-handed are overrepresented in the sport. But new research shows that players who bat left but throw right-handed have a surprising advantage over players who bat and throw left-handed.
The study, published in the New England Journal of Medicine, reanalyzed data from a similar study released in 1982, and used new data from every major league baseball player from 1871 through 2016. According to the findings, the advantage of throwing right-handed but batting left increases the likelihood of players becoming professional players, and improves a player’s likelihood of being a top hitter in the Majors.

Skeptics abound, but two Hawaii women stick to their lost-at-sea story NPR
sailorsHONOLULU — Two women from Hawaii who were rescued at sea defended their account of the ordeal, insisting that a storm was whipping up 30-foot waves and near hurricane-force winds on the night they set sail, despite records that show no severe weather in the area at the time.
The Coast Guard is reviewing records from the days after Jennifer Appel and Tasha Fuiava put to sea in a 50-foot sailboat, but NASA satellite images show no organized storms in the region.

>>> Rescued sailors’ story has several holes Slow Boat Sailing
Among them: Ms. Appel said their boat was attacked by tiger sharks as big as 50-feet long. Tiger sharks don’t grow longer than 18-feet long. Many species of sharks are endangered. Many sailboat cruisers enjoy diving with sharks and shark attacks are extremely rare. Slow Boat Sailing filmed sharks in Fakarava, Tuamotus while swimming with them.

Utah nurse awarded $500,000 after being roughed up by cop Salt Lake Tribune
Alex WubbelsUniversity Hospital nurse Alex Wubbels has agreed to a $500,000 payment to settle a dispute over her arrest by a Salt Lake City police officer after she barred him from drawing blood from an unconscious patient, her attorney said Tuesday.
Wubbels will use a portion of the money to help people get body camera footage, at no cost, of incidents involving themselves, she said. “We all deserve to know the truth and the truth comes when you see the actual raw footage and that’s what happened in my case,” Wubbels said. 

NO CHILDREN rule causes buzz at pizzeria Tampa Bay Times
Last week, a sign went up. It caused a lot of other stuff to go down.
Hampton Station, a neighborhood craft beer and pizza spot put the notice up on Oct. 24: NO CHILDREN.

“a lot of people who couldn’t keep their kids under control.”

It didn’t take long for diners to take sides: The “this is an outrage” side, and the “it’s their prerogative, and I’m happy there’s someplace I can eat kid-free” side.
Troy Taylor opened Hampton Station in 2015. The no-kids decision, he said, was the end result of “a lot of people who couldn’t keep their kids under control.” 

Martin Luther, father of Protestantism and … hoppy beer? NPR
In the 16th century, the Catholic Church had a stranglehold on beer production, since it held the monopoly on gruit — the mixture of herbs and botanicals (sweet gale, mug wort, yarrow, ground ivy, heather, rosemary, juniper berries, ginger, cinnamon) used to flavor and preserve beer. Hops, however, were not taxed. Considered undesirable weeds, they grew plentifully and vigorously.
“The church didn’t like hops,” says William Bostwick, the beer critic for The Wall Street Journal.”So, if you were a Protestant brewer and wanted to thumb your nose at Catholicism, you used hops instead of herbs.”

Research suggests alzheimer’s starts outside the brain Futurism
Scientists from Canada and China have found evidence that the neurological disorder Alzheimer’s starts outside the brain. Their research has been published in the journal Molecular Psychiatry.
Alzheimer’s develops following the breakdown of key neurons in the brain. This neuron death has been linked to the build-up of one protein (beta-amyloid) and the deformation of another (tau).
Most Alzheimer’s treatments focus on the brain, which is a complex and extremely delicate target. By revealing that Alzheimer’s starts outside the brain, this research could lead to treatments for the disease that are more effective. 

45% tax could boost black market for California pot CNN Money
Between customers, retailers and growers, taxes on cannabis may reach as high as 45% in parts of the state, according to a Fitch Ratings report. Those high taxes may keep consumers away from legal marijuana stores once the recreational retail market goes live on January 1.
“High effective tax rates on California cannabis may complicate the state’s efforts to establish legal markets” said analysts Stephen Walsh and Karen Ribble in a Fitch Ratings report on California’s marijuana taxes.

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