Thursday Oct. 26

Foxconn’s secret deal with Wisconsin
risks saddling taxpayers with huge losses  LaCrosse Tribune
A key vote on the pending Foxconn contract was delayed last week because the state wouldn’t have been able to recoup taxpayer funds if the Taiwanese company didn’t fulfill its end of the deal, according to a member of the board overseeing the negotiation.

Real Clear Politics Poll Average:
Nation on wrong track: 61%

Startup Orchid promises internet free of surveillance Axios

The Trend: “Happy Endings” for women Alternet
classic003_l9dq1t“Sensual touch therapy is a very different experience compared to sex with a partner … It’s designed to be one-sided. Without the  … pressure of wondering if their partner is enjoying themselves, women are finally free to focus solely on their own pleasure.”
— The practitioner known as “Doctor M.”

Political hack who advocated shooting reporter resigns The Guardian

New CRISPR techniques will boost gene editing Stat

Judge won’t force feds to pay health insurance subsidies Courthouse News Service.


Wanna make some quick cash? Try ransom ware. Now anybody can do it. 


> Tesla solar brings power back to  kids hospital
… and …
> San Juan mayor: Kill that $300 million boondoggle contract


China shuts thousands of factories in drive against pollution


dobbsTrump asks TV whacko for advice on Fed appointment

Trump’s considered assessment on Fed Chair Yellen:

“I  like her a lot.”



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