Wednesday Oct. 25

Breaking news, read it at the source:

Deputy caught on tape stealing drugs, cash
from injured old man during hurricane
Raw Story

Investigation reveals Putin pals amassed $24 billion stash Moscow Times

National Parks entry fee would jump to $70 Jackson Hole Daily

Claim: Trump-Russia dirty dossier funded by Clinton campaign The Independent

Accusations in the trial of prison guard union leader Courthouse News Service
$20 million in retirement money steered to hedge fund?
$60,000 bags of cash?

Actress accuses Old Man Bush of sex assault Newsweek

“But when I got the chance to meet George H. W. Bush four years ago to promote a historical television show I was working on, he sexually assaulted me while I was posing for a similar photo.

bush-wheelchair“He didn’t shake my hand. He touched me from behind from his wheelchair with his wife Barbara Bush by his side. He told me a dirty joke.

“And then, all the while being photographed, touched me again. Barbara rolled her eyes as if to say ‘not again’.”

Actress Heather Lind said that after the event, security staff working for Bush told her she should not have stood next to the former president.

Jim McGrath, a spokesman for the former president, said: “President Bush would never—under any circumstance—intentionally cause anyone distress, and he most sincerely apologizes if his attempt at humor offended Ms. Lind.”


roundupMaybe spraying poison on food wasn’t such a great idea? 

Yes, boys and girls of the future, you see there was a time when your foolish, foolish grandparents decided that they wanted to eat weed killer on practically all their food. Why were your grandparents so foolish? Well, children, that’s a long story but they changed their minds when they discovered that everybody on Earth was peeing Roundup.
More: Europe demands 5-year phase-out Reuters
More: EPA chemical reviews would exclude millions of tons of toxins. AP

Scientists: Control climate by dimming sun


All of a sudden, Saudis figure they’re future of tech 
Aren’t they missing something? Does the tech elite want to live under draconian religious laws? Hmm. 


GOP votes to shield banks from lawsuits
They didn’t really have the votes so Dependable Mike chimed in.
Consumer protection agency: “Giant setback. Wall Street won.” The Guardian


FBI: Newtown child killer may have been pedophile


No, really, what the hell are US troops doing in Niger?

1024 Dunford_US_Niger

Two-person company lands $300 million contract to rebuild Puerto Rico grid
Surprise! Turns out, they’re politically connected.


flakeMy party created this monster

(by Sen. Jeff Flake)

“Privately a number of my colleagues have expressed concern with the direction of our country and the behavior of our President. I think in the coming months, you’ll have more people stand up. I think the cumulative weight of all of this, we realize we just can’t continue to normalize this type of behavior.”

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