Friday Oct. 20

RealNews does not accept advertising, and has no need to employ click bait or fake news.

Breitbart published fake news blaming immigrant for California fires >QuickRead

There may be some truth to evolution, New Mexico admits >QuickRead

In other warming periods, sea levels rose in bursts >QuickRead

Pollution to blame for 1 in 6 deaths >QuickRead

Chicago considers Uber, Lyft tax to fund public transit >QuickRead

pompeoCIA backs off director’s claim that Russia didn’t sway elections >QuickRead

Unpaid $7 Waffle House bill exposed ID theft ring, police say >QuickRead

Comcast, CenturyLink spent $50K on candidate who opposed municipal broadband >QuickRead

Severe nursing shortage has hospitals paying “travelers” >QuickRead

icelandVikings mowed down the forests. Can Iceland regrow them? >QuickRead

Young firms struggle to compete as giants Facebook and Amazon clone products and consolidate their power. > QuickRead

Encryption rules! MIT issuing “blockchain” diplomas >QuickRead

That bird isn’t singing, he’s cursing the other birds out >QuickRead


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