Wednesday 10/18

“President Trump did disrespect my son and my daughter and also me and my husband.”

Gold Star Mom confirms Trump’s stupid insults Raw Story
Congresswoman “This man has a brain disorder” Raw Story
Trump just keeps lying: Totally fabricated, he insists The Hill

“When it comes to DNA tests, don’t assume you have any rights.” Gizmodo
“Even though Ancestry says they don’t really own your DNA—which is true, because they can’t take it from you—they now own rights to it. They could test it in a 100 years from their freezer for whatever purpose they want.”

wall-street-panicMarkets will tank
without tax bill,
Treas Sec. says

Wall Street’s big runup following the election of Trump is largely based on expectations of Congress passing a major tax-relief bill, and failure to do so could have significant consequences. The Dow is now up about 25 percent since the election.

How dead are the dead? Not very, it turns out Live Science
“They’ll describe watching doctors and nurses working and they’ll describe having awareness of full conversations, of visual things that were going on, that would otherwise not be known to them.”

Nina Dobrev
An image from the movie “Flatliners”

86 kids died in for-profit foster care, Senate confirms Buzz Feed
Fungus destroyed prisoner’s brain while for-profit prison did nothing  Kansas City Star

Dear Baby Connor: Sorry about your cancer. Your request for insurance coverage is denied. The Daily Beast

photos-ci-mississaugagrowth8Google to build futuristic city at Toronto BBC
It is likely to feature fast wi-fi availability, millions of sensors, sustainable energy and autonomous cars.

Climate change, volcanoes helped ruin reign of Cleopatra Motherboard
… the reign of the charismatic leader Cleopatra from 51 to 30 BCE as the last of the Ptolemies, was rocked by “famine, plague, inflation, administrative corruption, rural depopulation, migration, and land abandonment,” according to the paper. Some of this unrest was likely intensified by major eruptions in 46 and 44 BCE, which means those natural disasters may have directly contributed to the fall of the empire, though the authors warn against leaning on “environmental determinism” too heavily.

Uber meets Tesla in the sky? Newsweek
“Over a dozen companies, with as many different design approaches, are passionately working to make VTOLs a reality,” Holden stated in the paper. “From here, Uber will be reaching out to cities, vehicle manufacturers, prospective representative users, and community groups, along with key business, infrastructural and regulatory stakeholders to listen, learn, and explore the implications of this urban transportation movement.”uber-plane-eviation-aircraft

On and off fasting Eureka Alert
Through an analysis into the underlying biology involved, the researchers found that such intermittent fasting tempers an immune reaction in fat cells.

Veterans sue, say Big Pharma funded terror group CNS
Sixty-six families of U.S. troops killed or wounded in Iraq sued some of the world’s biggest pharmaceutical companies Tuesday, claiming they paid millions of dollars in bribes to officials in Iraq’s Health Ministry for lucrative contracts, which financed the Iran-backed Shiite Mahdi Army.

Ingenious approach binds CO2, improves soil Phys.Org
biochar> If 4,000 Norwegian farms and nurseries produced biochar and mixed it with the soil, we could halve CO2 emissions from the agricultural sector. This entirely natural approach also produces more robust and healthy plants.
> There is a new addition among the greenhouses at the Skjærgaarden nursery – Norway’s first biochar plant. Biochar is identical to charcoal (or barbecue coal), but can be manufactured not only from wood, but also from other kinds of organic material. The nursery is hosting the first biochar demo plant in Norway.

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