Real News weekend

chi-sciChina leads the world in fake science
Since 2012, the country has retracted more scientific papers because of faked peer reviews than all other countries and territories put together …


>>> Out of control Chinese space station
about to fall to Earth

The Independent

Solar powered Dutch car wins race, hailed as “the future.” Phys.Org
“This is the future of solar electric vehicles. When your car is parked at home it can be charging and supplying energy back to the grid.”

Pythons invading Florida Popular Science
Reads like a Drudge headline, doesn’t it. But it’s true, the fish are invading, and these scientists  are fighting it.

Alaska voters reject local bans on marijuana SF Gate

Which murders matter? For TV news, here’s a formula AlterNet


Google “top stories” featured fake news about “antifa civil war.” PBS News Hour

The Iran deal is working Fact Check We take no position on Trump’s desire to renegotiate aspects of the Iran deal that he does not like. The issue, though, is whether Iran has complied with the existing agreement, and even those within his own administration have said that Iran is in compliance.

In September, Secretary of State Rex Tillerson said Iran is in “technical compliance” with the deal, and Gen. Joseph Dunford, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, told Congress that “Iran is adhering to its JCPOA obligations,” and the agreement is working as intended.

“The JCPOA,” Dunford said, “has delayed Iran’s development of nuclear weapons.”

Tillerson: Let’s stay in Iran deal The Hill

The NFL is getting massive tax breaks: Mostly True, says Politifact.

Brookings Institution took a closer look at these numbers in a 2016 study and estimated that over a 15-year period since 2000, the federal government lost a potential tax revenue of $1.11 billion on bonds issued by local governments to finance NFL stadiums.

Police arrested Mandalay Bay security guard as second shooter. Snopes
Nope. Fake News.


rushmore-hero-1024x598An old-fashioned essay:
Make America Great Again.
No, really. 

Why we’re wasting our time debating the “great issues” like immigration, gun control and national health care.


One thought on “Real News weekend

  1. “China leads the world in fake science” is interesting, showing us that there are reasons to exist nearer the ‘regulation’ end of the spectrum that has ‘totally free’ at the other end. For all of the spite and unfairness that often animate academic arguments, peer review at least helps us point science in the right direction.

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