Real News Friday

executive-order-trump-obamacare-2Trump slashes medical subsidies for the poor The Daily Beast
>>> Urges Democrats to fix it.
>>> 12 ways Trump has undermined Obamacare NY Times Interactive 

“Important: if Trump stops paying insurers, rates for EVERYBODY go up – not just for people on ACA exchange plans. Get ready, America!!”

Chris Murphy on Twitter

  “I don’t have a schedule, but if I did have a schedule, I would say we are substantially ahead of schedule.”
— Trump

empblastCongress is warned N. Korea EMP bomb could cause collapse of US
But what effect would such a weapon have, really? No, really, come on.

Scientists denounce NASA nominee Futurism

Come on, people, he did an excellent job at The Weather Channel … or was it AccuWeather? Or was it …

The NCAA won’t penalize UNC for putting athletes in classes that never met and often required only one final paper. This one got an A-minus.
Bryan Armen Graham on Twitter

zinkeflagInterior sec’y Zinke demands his flag be flown when he is on site Alternet
Each time Zinke is scheduled to enter a building, a security staffer takes an elevator to the top floor and climbs to the roof where his special flag is raised. When he is not in the building, the security staffer must, once again, climb the steps to the top and take the flag down.
The flag is a royal blue with a seal that features a bison and seven stars on it. It’s remarkably similar to the flag for Montana’s Chippewa Tribe Zinke was seen holding as a U.S. Representative.

Equifax screws up again, and IRS suspends $7 million gig Politico
Suspends. That’s the key word.

If you’re going to defraud the Dep’t of Defense, maybe don’t brag about it online Gizmodo

Magic mushrooms for the depressed brain? The Guardian

Weinstein’s contract allowed for sexual harassment Newser

Mighty whiteys freak out after Vikings/Muslim discovery Raw Story

Parents of bullies may do jail time AP

Trump popularity and the economy 538
Maybe he’s far less popular than you’d think …


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