Real News Thursday

houstonrezHouston floods

Hmm, the developer “forgot” to inform home buyers they were living INSIDE a reservoir 
… and…
House vultures circling, offering desperate homeowners 40 cents on the dollar.

pr1012Trump to Puerto Rico: Drop Dead
Almost nobody in Puerto Rico had flood insurance.
How will they rebuild?

Even Limbaugh thinks Trump is crazy Newser

Trump begins to dismantle Obamacare (Explainer via Vox)
> In short, it makes junk insurance legal again.
> Trump’s claim: “This will cost the US government virtually nothing. And people will have great, great healthcare.”
>>> “President Trump’s health care executive order may seem a little complicated so let me break it down: It’s sabotage.” Tim Kaine on Twitter
>>> “… doesn’t strike me as something that will stand up in federal court.” Health policy scholar Joseph Antos, American Enterprise Institute.

Netflix, once king, beset by rivals NPR

old-japanese-peopleJapan’s demographic time bomb
While the US wrestles with its immigration policies, Japan’s dilemma illustrates what can happen to a nation that all but prohibits immigrants. Among the symptoms: Young people have started “granny dumping.”

Man in suit driving a car from vehicle interiorMaybe we’ll just have to slow down?

Traffic engineers have long theorized that speed limits should be set by observing drivers. This is the so-called 85% rule. But with nearly 40,000 road deaths annually, could there be a more science-driven way?

Colorado pot sales reach $1 BILLION in 8 months
The Cannabist

Air BnB takes the next step — into development Axios

Fake news? Many admit they’ve been duped Alternet
The culprits? Survey responders listed, in order, the news fakers at: Breitbart, Fox News, InfoWars, Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck. The least trusted “liberal” new site was BuzzFeed.

How do people feel about NFL protests? It depends who you ask 538

Earthlings test warning system as asteroid zips by Reuters

artrobinson-01Arthur Robinson, grandfather of “Alt-Science” studies urine samples while he awaits the big call to join the party in Washington 538
This is a very long read, so you’ve gotta be in the mood for a magazine-length piece. It’s enlightening, though. Robinson was once a colleague of Linus Pauling, but they split over Pauling’s infamous findings about vitamin C. Robinson’s been a rogue ever since, but he now has the backing of Mercer money and soon might find himself atop the US science establishment.





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