QuickReads for Monday


Russians recruited YouTubers to bash “racist bitch” Hillary QuickRead 

Misuse of over-the-counter drugs sends 200,000 to US hospitals QuickRead

Mutant chickens lay eggs filled with cancer-fighting drugs QuickRead 

Ancestor: Don’t blame Columbus for America’s failings
Slate: Columbus ancestor is distorting history

Why America needs its foreign doctors
By Aaron E. Carroll, professor of pediatrics,
Indiana University School of Medicine.

Louisiana fights pipeline through cancer alley QuickRead

tiny house controversy_01Tiny homes freak out neighbors QuickRead

More RealNews

Thousands flee fires in N. Calif
SF Gate

“War against coal is over” as EPA drops Clean Power Plan 

Richard Thaler, nobel laureate in Econ, fought to get heretical theories published
Chicago Tribune
—- How Thaler changed our lives Bloomberg
> Focusing on what he called “mental illusions,” Thaler explained that human beings make a lot of blunders. With clear examples, a sense of play and a little math, he showed that people just don’t act in the way predicted by standard economic theory.
>> If you give people a mug or a lottery ticket, they will demand a lot more to give it up than they would pay to get it in the first place. People are planners as well as doers, and their decisions can be radically different depending on whether they are planning or doing.
>>> Because people have self-control problems, they adopt “precommitment strategies” like the ones used by Alcoholics Anonymous, drug abuse centers, diet clubs and smoking-cessation clinics. People care about fairness, and they will punish people who have acted unfairly, even at their own expense. People choose not to choose, because they do not want to suffer regret. Investors overreact to the most recent, dramatic events.
>>>> Each one of these ideas – and there were plenty more – opened up a whole new world.

Take a deep breath: The Moon once had an atmosphere Phys.Org

Trump lists “Wall”, other demands for deal on “Dreamers” Politico
—-Poll finds Trump slipping in rural US Reuters

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