Sunday’s quick reads

Andrew Wheeler, coal lobbyist, up for big EPA job
Wheeler QuickRead

Millennials moving to smaller, inland cities
Millennials QuickRead

The “resistance” attracts big money, upends US politics
Resistance QuickRead

Weinstein’s high-profile lawyer quits and…
his disgrace ends an era for indie films
Weinstein roundup QuickRead

100,000 American citizens more or less forgotten after double-devastation
 Virgin Isles QuickRead

Video apparently shows cops killed Charlotte man while his hands were raised
Charlotte QuickRead

Read it at the source: 

FEMA boss: “We filtered out San Juan mayor a long time ago” Politico
— FEMA scrubs data about water, power on Puerto Rico EcoWatch

Nate hits Gulf coast, weakens over Alabama Reuters

Dems shrug off Trump health care offer The Week

Campaign director: Facebook “embeds” helped Trump win Stars & Stripes

Angry White Dudes hold another torch-lit rally in Charlottesville Sputnik
Maybe there were 40 people there for 10 minute torch-lit photo-op led by dupe Richard Spencer.  Otherwise, sensible people had better things to do on a Saturday night.

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