Real news Thursday

  1. airbus
    >>> Airbus promise: Flying taxi next year CNBC<<<
  2. Trump spouts off (that’s not news)
    but Tillerson stays, per “suicide pact”
    Buzz Feed

    > One US official expressed confidence in Tillerson’s status due to a so-called “suicide pact” forged between Defense Secretary James Mattis, Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin, and Tillerson, whereby all three cabinet secretaries vow to leave in the event that the president makes moves against one of them.
    > Other Trump insiders point to the potentially hefty tax bill Tillerson would have to pay if he resigns before serving a year in government.
  3. Venezuela leader hints he’ll seek Russia help vs. US McClatchy
    “We have a glorious history on the battlefield.” 
  4. Hurricane Nate risk Accuweather
  5. Supreme gerrymandering Courthouse News Service
    “If you let this go, if you say we’re not going to have a judicial remedy for this problem, in 2020 you’re going to have a festival of copycat gerrymandering the likes of which this country has never seen.”
    — Strip party, probable cause make it to Supremes American University Radio
    It all started when “Peaches” invited 21 people to a party … or did she?
  6. N. Korea “slaves” processing food for US stores, restaurants AP
    …  “we are deeply concerned that any seafood companies could be inadvertently propping up the despotic regime.”
  7. Robotic farm’s first fully automated harvest Live Science
    … about 5 tons (4.5 metric tons) of spring barley have been harvested from the world’s first robotically tended farm. Everything from start to finish — including sowing, fertilizing, collecting samples and harvesting — has been done by autonomous vehicles on the farm, according to the researchers.
    — Most Americans worried about automation Pew Research
  8. Woman refuses to vaccinate son, goes to jail CBS Detroit
    … Judge Karen McDonald also announced that the boy would be vaccinated today.
  9. Kazuo Ishiguro wins the Nobel prize in literature 2017 The Guardian
    kaszuoWith names including Margaret Atwood, Ngugi Wa Thiong’o and Haruki Murakami leading the odds at the bookmakers, Ishiguro was a surprise choice. The author of novels including The Remains of the Day and Never Let Me Go, Ishiguro’s writing, said the Academy, is “marked by a carefully restrained mode of expression, independent of whatever events are taking place”
  10. miwaJapanese reporter
    worked herself to death

    … Miwa Sado had worked 159 hours of overtime in the month before her death …
  11. Arpaio pardon okay with judge Courthouse News Service
  12. FBI dismisses Vegas sheriff’s wacky theories The Daily Beast

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