Tuesday’s real news


  1. 3 hard realities that won’t change after Vegas shooting
    a quick must-read from Axios

    —- Facebook, Google, trolls promote fake news about Vegas shooting Alternet
    > “It’s getting more polarized. There’s this mad scramble to paint the guy as a Democrat or a Republican, so they can cheer,”
    — Brooke Binkowski, managing editor of fact-checking website Snopes.com.
  2. Gravitational wave discoverers win Nobel in physics New Scientist
    >  Rainer Weiss, Barry Barish and Kip Thorne proved Einstein’s theory.
  3. Grass-fed beef, the doubts emerge Phys.Org
    ” … many important aspects to consider: people’s livelihoods and jobs, animal welfare, biodiversity, nutrition and food security and more. Grazing systems and grass-fed beef may offer benefits in these respects … but when it comes to climate change, people shouldn’t assume that their grass-fed steak is a climate change free lunch. It isn’t.”
    —- Cow farts, that’s the problem Popular Science
  4. EPA chemical safety nominee’s toxic past The Intercept
    … a consultant to Dow Chemical, CropLife America, the American Chemistry Council, the American Petroleum Institute, Koch Industries …
  5. Scotland to ban fracking? BBC
    > Energy Minister Paul Wheelhouse: the practice “cannot and will not take place in Scotland”. …. existing moratorium, in place since 2015, should continue “indefinitely” after a consultation showed “overwhelming” opposition … lawmakers will vote on the issue later in the year before a final decision is taken.
  6. Trump: Feds doing a great job, Puerto Rico officials, meh AP
    … “it’s now acknowledged what a great job we’ve done.”
    —- White House tells San Juan mayor to shut up The Independent
  7. ATM fees rise, near $5. Here’s how to dodge them Bankrate.com
  8. 10 million saw Russian ads Facebook Newsroom
    —- The many faces of Russia’s troll factory
    (and other updates on the “Russia probe”) 
     Moscow Times

    > “LGBT United,” “Defend the 2nd” and “Secured Borders” engaged readers and tried to incite demonstrations.
  9. Congressman duped into holding fake hearing for Ukranian TV
    The Weekly Standard
    > Watchers of Ukraine’s NewsOne television channel on September 25 were treated to what was suggested to be a congressional hearing in Washington about corruption in the National Bank of Ukraine, the Ukrainian equivalent of the Federal Reserve Board … but …
  10. Texas officials slam Red Cross ProPublica
    > Officials in Jefferson County, which contains Beaumont, were so fed up with the Red Cross that they kicked out a charity employee assigned to work with government officials from the headquarters for the storm response.
  11. Giant algae bloom takes over Lake Erie NY Times
    > A potentially harmful algae bloom covered more than 700 square miles in the western basin of Lake Erie last week, turning the lake bright green and alarming residents and local officials.
    —- or skip the paywall and read the Toledo Blade
    Bottled water selling briskly in Toledo, eh?
    The city at the southwestern (left) edge of this photo is Toldeo.

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