for Tuesday

Today we’re giving the Trump-NFL scrimmage all the coverage it deserves.  Here’s your real news:

  1. San Juan mayor: “near death conditions” for elderly The Hill
  2. Kim trying to create a distraction?
    Experts: N. Korea not capable of targeting US planes
    Stars & Stripes
  3. Alabama runoff candidate Roy Moore
    pulls gun out at campaign rally
    USA Today
    roy-moore-gun-654x362-60b3295> “I believe in the Second Amendment,” he said, leading to cheers from the crowd.
    > Moore is best known for installing a monument of the Ten Commandments at the Alabama Supreme Court during his tenure as Chief Justice and getting suspended when he defied a court order to remove it.
    Top Ten Moore moments at the Daily Beast
  4. Trump duped by fake Iran news The Independent
     Donald Trump was tricked into an angry public outburst by a seven-month-old video of an Iranian missile launch, US officials have revealed.
    > The President responded to claims over the weekend on Iranian state television that the Persian country had tested a medium-range ballistic missile, saying that a purported video of that test  proved the country was a danger to Middle Eastern ally Israel.
  5. Gee, another college basketball scam.  Reuters
    > Those charged include Chuck Person, associate head coach at Auburn University; Anthony Bland, associate head coach at the University of Southern California; Lamont Evans, assistant coach at Oklahoma State University; and Emanuel Richardson, assistant coach at the University of Arizona, according to documents filed in federal court in Manhattan.
    > Others charged include James Gatto, director for global sports marketing for basketball at Adidas and Rashan Michel, founder and operator of a clothing company in Atlanta.
    > The corrupt schemes included bribes paid to high school athletes to secure their commitment to play for a particular university, prosecutors said. The charges include bribery, wire fraud and conspiracy.
  6. The professors who make big bucks
    shilling for mega-mergers

    —- Inside the new anti-trust battle against tech giants Politico

  7. No bonus for you …
    Equifax dumps its CEO NY Times
    From NYT comment board: “We have no one to blame but our elected leaders who have ensured that the credit reporting agencies are immune from any kind of real penalties when they negligently handle our personal data.” 
  8. State of Texas empowered vs. sanctuary cities Courthouse News Service
  9. Man in 15-year vegetative state responds to new therapy BBC
    — but what does that really mean?  Popular Science
  10. Ban kept 2 million plastic bottles out of National Parks …
    …  until Trump reversed it
    . The Guardian
  11. Russia threatens to ban Facebook Moscow Times
    > Russia could ban Facebook next year if it fails to comply with a 2015 law requiring companies to store Russian citizens’ personal data on local servers, the state media censor said on Tuesday.
    > The U.S. social network would follow in the footsteps of LinkedIn,  banned in Russia last year.
  12. $1 million in magic mushrooms
    confiscated in Berkeley home
    SF Gate





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