Realnews Monday

Breaking: Weiner sentenced to 21 months prison for sexting 15-yr-old AP

  1. Puerto Rico’s agriculture swamped NY Times
    puertomondayor a similar story (no paywall) on Newser
    … people out of money and down to their last supplies …left with a “shell of a home,” … struggle to keep the sick and elderly safe without medicine and power to run machines like nebulizers. … Puerto Rico’s agriculture chief:  80% of the island’s crop wiped out.
    The Streets Are ‘Not Safe’: Puerto Rico Begs U.S. for Help The Daily Beast
    “It breaks my heart, but I need to be calm about this. I can’t believe how people are so harsh. Is this nobody’s land now?”
  2. Travel ban expanded to 8 nations VOA
    Trump: “
    restrictions announced are tough and tailored, and they send a message to foreign governments that they must work with us to enhance security.
    Amnesty: “The order was a catastrophe not just for those seeking safety but for those who simply want to travel, work or study in the United States. Today’s action neither relieves this tension nor keeps anyone safe.”
  3. How airlines and politicians made flying miserable ProPublica
    President Obama promised to fight corporate concentration. Eight years later, the airline industry is dominated by just four companies. And travelers are paying for it.
    > Government investigators uncovered documents showing airline executives crowing about how mergers allow them to charge travelers more. “Three successful fare increases – [we were] able to pass along to customers because of consolidation,” wrote Scott Kirby, who became the president of the new American Airlines, in a 2010 internal company presentation.
  4. Climate change
    6 fixes we can all agree on Phys.Org
    The writer might be optimistic about how many of us will agree, but the list is worth reading.
  5. Anthem protest echo: Bill to prevent taxpayer-funded stadiums
    The Daily Caller

    —- Trump rants rankle some of his top NFL donors Bloomberg
    All Americans R granted rights 2 peaceful protests Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable-JFK 
    –Dale Earnhardt Jr. via Twitter
  6. Target to raise min. wage to $11, and later to $15 CNBC
    Competing with $10-an-hour Wal-Mart for labor.
  7. It might take until Christmas to haul away
    all the ruined stuff in Houston

    The Guardian
    … landfills operate 24 hours a day … 300 trucks collect eight million cubic yards of debris … minimum cost $250 million for trash removal alone.
  8. Cyber attack reveals Deloitte’s clients secret emails. The Guardian
    … hackers had potential access to usernames, passwords, IP addresses, architectural diagrams for businesses and health information. Some emails had attachments with sensitive security and design details.
    > The breach is believed to have been US-focused and was regarded as so sensitive that at first only a handful of Deloitte’s most senior partners and lawyers were informed.
  9. Uber CEO apologizes; 750,000 Londoners petition backing CNN
    London’s mayor: “I appreciate Uber has an army of PR experts, I appreciate Uber has an army of lawyers – they’ve also made aggressive threats about taking us to court.” BBC
  10. US crime, murder rates at historic lows The Daily Beast
    … “false narratives about a national crime wave will not help,” said Ronal Serpas, chairman of Law Enforcement Leaders. “They make it harder for law enforcement to implement proven tactics that address the real issues, instead of the myths

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