RealNews Weekender


  1. prsundayFederal aid reaches Puerto Rico; cracked dam may hold The Guardian
    A mayor cries for help: “Hysteria is starting to spread. The hospital is about to collapse. It’s at capacity. We need someone to help us immediately.” Newser
  2. Arkansas defies Monsanto over rogue weedkiller NPR
    > Arkansas is on the verge of banning the use, during the growing season, of a Monsanto-backed weedkiller that has been blamed for damaging millions of acres of crops in neighboring farms this year.
    > The weedkiller is called dicamba. It can be sprayed on soybeans and cotton that have been genetically modified to tolerate it. But not all farmers plant those new seeds. And across the Midwest, farmers that don’t use the herbicide are blaming their dicamba-spraying neighbors for widespread damage to their crops — and increasingly, to wild vegetation.
  3. Trump v athletes in squabble of rich guys The Hill
    — NFL owners, players tackle Trump AP
  4. Totally spontaneous? N. Korean mob rallies vs. US VOA
    —– N. Korea turns to bitcoin for cash VOA
    —– US bombers buzz N. Korea Stars & Stripes
  5. Aftershocks cause panic in Mexico The Daily Beast
  6. As disasters multiply, preppers stock up Reuters

    > “It’s been a very busy six or seven weeks here – sales tripled practically overnight,” said Keith Bansemer, vice president for marketing for Idaho-based My Patriot Supply, an online store catering to preppper needs.
    > “It all started when North Korea shot the missile that was capable of reaching the U.S. Then the hurricanes and two Mexican earthquakes increased sales from California and Cascadia in the Northwest.”

  7. GOP Sen. Collins hates health care bill CNN
    > Collins’ vote is key. There are already two Republican senators on record opposing the bill … One more Republican “no” vote and the legislation’s future is all but over in the Senate, where Republicans only have until September 30 to overhaul the law with 51 votes, according to the Senate’s parliamentarian.
  8. Saudi leader says women too stupid to drive  The Independent
    Only “half a brain,” cleric claims. Question: Which half?
  9. Six hurt in London acid attack BBC
    Teen attackers at mall.
  10. Muslim ban 2.0 The Independent
    The new measures, aimed at stopping security threats from entering the US, are expected to be more specific and affect more countries.

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