… Friday 9/22

I do my best to link to stories that have a minimal amount of ad intrusion. But sometimes, pages get unreasonably loaded with nuisance ads. In those cases, I put the story on a site page here, and link to it. Today’s example: Chicago Tribune story on “pea milk.”  The Trib’s page is a nightmare of ads, so…

  1. No more Uber for you, London The Sun
    There are currently 40,000 Uber drivers in London alone … 3.5 million passengers use the app – just under half the population of the capital … transport agency:  Uber’s conduct “demonstrates a lack of corporate responsibility on issues which have potential public safety and security implications”.
  2. Trump rants target Kim, Facebook, Russia probe, “Crooked Hillary” Raw Storytrump-kim
    — US invents brand new sanctions for N.Korea AP
    —- “Deranged” Trump will “pay dearly” Stars & Stripes
    —- Could N. Korea explode an H-bomb over the Pacific? Reuters
    —- Mueller requests Air Force One phone records in Russia probe The Hill
  3. peamilkComing to a market near you: Pea milk  Chicago Tribune via RealNews
    Naturally, they’re going to call it something else.
  4. Aaron Hernandez  and the weakening NFL Time
    What role does CTE play in an individual’s decision to commit suicide, or a murder? How much of those fatal decisions are due to brain damage, or genetics, or circumstance, or something else? 
  5. Taco Bell ditching drive ins, adding booze Investor Place
    … will serve beer, wine, sangria, and Twisted Freezes, aka slushies with tequila, rum, or vodka  …. will look more like a bar and less like a fast food chain
  6. All 50 medicaid directors oppose Obamacare repeal bill The Hill
    Public bluster, private doubts over GOP healthcare vote Politico
  7. Court: Cops need warrant for cell phone snooping CBS
    > Law enforcement use of one tracking tool, the cell-site simulator, to track a suspect’s phone without a warrant violates the Constitution, the D.C. Court of Appeals said Thursday in a landmark ruling for privacy and Fourth Amendment rights as they pertain to policing tactics.
    The ruling could have broad implications for law enforcement’s use of cell-site simulators, which local police and federal agencies can use to mimic a cell phone tower to the phone connect to the device instead of its regular network.
  8. Mercedes to challenge Tesla, make e-vehicles in Alabama Bloomberg
  9. More federal workers joining unions Raw Story
  10. Russia registers “Made in Prison” label Moscow Times
  11. Ruling: Field sobriety test doesn’t work for pot Courthouse News Service
    “Because the effects of marijuana may vary greatly from one individual to another, and those effects are as yet not commonly known, neither a police officer nor a lay witness who has not been qualified as an expert may offer an opinion as to whether a driver was under the influence of marijuana.”
  12. Northern Michigan U trains students for marijuana industry CBS Detroit
    Northern Michigan University in Marquette … first college to offer an undergraduate major in medicinal plant chemistry.

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