… Thursday 9/21

Your daily dozen, chosen as always for their potential impact on American life. No celebs, no sports heroes, no spin doctors


  1. Puerto Rico: Floods, maybe no power for months AP
    … all airports closed, all power out…
    In the capital of San Juan, towering eucalyptus trees fell nearly every other block over a main road dotted with popular bars, restaurants, and coffee shops, some of which were damaged. Outside a nearby apartment building, 40-year-old tourism company operator Adrian Pacheco recounted how he spent eight hours in a stairwell huddled with 100 other residents when the hurricane ripped the storm shutters off his building and decimated three balconies.
  2. txgopTexas GOPer:  “At some point,
    God is telling you to move.”
    Raw Story

    “If all we do is force federal taxpayers to build the same home in the same fashion in the same location and expect a different result, we all know that is the classic definition of insanity.”
  3. Draining swamp of experts, Trump hires truck drivers, landscapers at USDA Politico
    (They also happened to work for his campaign)
    … agency has been stocked with Trump campaign staff and volunteers who in many cases demonstrated little to no experience with federal policy, let alone deep roots in agriculture …
    —- 80% of top federal jobs going to men. The Guardian
  4. Fake evacuation orders issued to US troops in S. Korea Stars & Stripes
  5. Program allows people to compose music with only their thoughts Live Science
  6. GOP bill aims to weaken Obamacare, Medicaid and more AlterNet
    —- Insurers scrambling The Hill
  7. Hacks, hacks hacks
    — Equifax fooled by $10 fake website, and sends people there. Newser
    — Hacks into SEC rattles investors, illegal stock trades made?  Reuters
    — Russians promoted Trump flash mobs in 17 US cities The Daily Beast
    — Paper ballots making a comeback USA Today
  8. US consumer watchdog winked at Wells Fargo’s scams  
    Courthouse News Service
  9. The incredible disappearing home downpayment Axios
  10. Phone data, human waste offer insights on drug use
    Courthouse News Service
  11. Investigators seek details from White House on Flynn, Comey firing 
    Politicus USA
  12. Immigrant jail sued, turned inmates into $1-a-day workers
    The Daily Beast

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