Real news, Tuesday

  1. Puerto Rico hunkers down for Cat-5 Maria El Nuevo Dia
    “An event like this has never happened before. Maria is predicted to be the worst atmospheric event in a century in Puerto Rico and, if we do not take precautions, we will have loss of lives that we could have avoided,.”
    — Puerto Rico Governor Ricardo Rosselló Nevares
    >>> NOAA Maria page.
  2. Trump threatens to “totally destroy” North Korea AP
    Note: Population of N. Korea: 24 million.
  3. kyiSuu Kyi plays dumb The Daily Beast
    — “Burying her head in the sand” says Amnesty AFP
    — UN investigators demand full access to Myanmar AFP
    — Buddhists to Rohingya: “Leave or we will kill you all.” The Independent
  4. Toys ‘R’ Us does not play well with others Bloomberg
    > $5 billion in debt, and Wall Street credit traders whiffed.
  5. News: Senate’s $80 billion military increase …
    Idea: For less than that, US colleges could be tuition-free
  6. National monuments plan goes dark Courthouse News Service
    Gov’t unwilling to share the plan over rights to exploit national lands. Hmm.
  7. Russian helicopters fire on civilians during war games Moscow Times
    Two people seriously hurt.
  8. Regulators:  Walgreens can swallow Rite Aid Reuters
  9. Gov’t study: Refugees actually a plus for US economy.
    Trump admin: Study? What study? Washington Examiner
  10. Investigators have years of Manafort wiretap evidence CNN
    Manafort previously has denied that he ever “knowingly” communicated with Russian intelligence operatives during the election and also has denied participating in any Russian efforts to “undermine the interests of the United States.”
  11. Amazon bans wacky gay version of bible The Independent
  12. Teens are becoming adults later than they used to Axios.

andersonToday’s quote:
“I’ve reported in 5 conflict zones, wrote a book and still have trouble getting men to take me seriously but Sean Spicer works at Harvard now”
Sulome Anderson 

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