This weekend, we take on Drudge

Drudge missed the big story, breaking Saturday afternoon:


NEW YORK—Trump administration officials said Saturday the U.S. wouldn’t pull out of the Paris Agreement, offering to re-engage in the international deal to fight climate change, according to the European Union’s top energy official. WALL STREET JOURNAL

And here’s the predictable White House denial (via Poltico)

Here’s a sampling of what Drudge was peddling as news

But the city of London is not in a panic, as fear monger Drudge suggests.
BBC: Man arrested in Tube bombing

Drudge: Hurricane Jose threatens New York?
Bloomberg:  There’s an 18 percent chance of tropical storm-force winds in New York City between Tuesday and Wednesday, said Jeff Masters, co-founder of Weather Underground in Ann Arbor, Michigan.
If Jose continues on its path, the most immediate impact could be tall, swelling waves “pounding the coasts” until at least Wednesday, Masters said.

Drudge: Montana snow 60 days early
RealNews: This is presented for the benefit of Drudge’s anti-science crowd. The link goes to a site called ICE AGE NOW and a story by a crank who lives in Montana and doesn’t like the weather. 

Drudge: Sliding NFL ratings could throw networks for a loss
CBS Money Watch: Data based on only one week’s ratings. 

Drudge: Clown hysteria grips oz (i.e. Australia)
Eric Hampton responding on Drudge facebook page: “Nothing to see here but creative movie marketing. “

Drudge: Florida growing too fast to evacuate
That’s an accurate headline. Here’s the story in the Miami Herald

Drudge: Kim vows to complete nuclear program
RealNews: Why the North Korean crisis is largely illusion

Drudge: Trump supporters stand by their man after deal with Dems, shift on ‘Dreamers’…
RealNews: That’s based on interviews with 12 people, all in Arizona, by the LA Times

Drudge: Robot subs set to spy
Real News: Not even close to accurate. The Navy is working with contractors on development of such ships. Which is not really news. Here’s the story in the Washington Post.

Drudge: Best week of Trump presidency
CNBC: U.S. stocks rose to record levels Friday and posted strong weekly gains.

Drudge: British Prime Minister tells tech giants to clamp down on terrorists
RealNews: This is jawboning PR, and Theresa May knows it. Here’s The Atlantic’s take on shutting down such web sites.

Drudge: Elderly woman flashes 40,000 fans on Jumbotron at CARDINALS game…
RealNews: The only reference in the story to the woman’s age is a quote from a fan: “some girl just flashed the (Jumbotron) camera.” What happened in fact was a woman lifted her blouse and bra  and some (not 40,000) other fans noticed. The woman was ejected. Why on Earth would this kind of crap pass for national news? It’s such a non-story that the journalist churning it out quickly ran out of story and had to dredge up a similar incident that happened 27 years ago. Here’s the story on

Drudge: Pilots under fire for secretly filming flight attendants having sex
RealNews: Absolutely no evidence here, story is based on rumor and perhaps urban legend. International Business Times

More nonsense from Drudge:

Who could possibly care
Kangaroo escapes from Wisconsin petting zoo
Cable TV goes out for 80,000 in Brooklyn

Marketing disguised as news
Bravo spikes Tina Brown movie
Moroder still feels love at 77
Johnny Depp Horse Farm Fails to Sell at Auction
Tom Brady’s diet
After Graydon, who?


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