The crude bomb in flames on Tube train

  1. Home-made bomb explodes on London Tube
    The Independent
    … may have been detonated on the rush-hour Tube train remotely … at Parsons Green underground station … 22 injured passengers … some hurt during the crush to leave the train.
  2. Sen. Warren targets Equifax Reuters
    … their stock in nosedive … questions regarding the overall regulatory framework for credit report agencies, which are not subject to the same levels of intense scrutiny as consumer financial firms … raising the prospect they could become more tightly supervised in future.
  3. St. Louis cop not guilty in black man’s death.  AP
    Hundreds protest
  4. After Hurricane, nobody lives on isle of Barbuda. CNN
  5. Study: Expressive writing helps worriers Eureka Alert
    .. first neural evidence for the benefits of expressive writing … “Expressive writing makes the mind work less hard on upcoming stressful tasks, which is what worriers often get “burned out” over, their worried minds working harder and hotter. This technique takes the edge off their brains so they can perform the task with a ‘cooler head.'”
  6. Investors betting big on demise of bricks-and-mortar retail CNN
    … two-thirds of Macy’s market value has vanished over the past two years …  JCPenney  down 90% … Sears, which also owns Kmart, has warned there’s “substantial doubt” it will survive.
  7. Gallup: 58% would support war vs. N.Korea Reuters
    Such support, however, was largely split along political party lines. Among Republicans, 82 percent would back military action compared with 37 percent among Democrats.
  8. Skeptics abound as MoviePass intros $10-a-month scheme 
    Phys.Org Technology
    In August, New York-based MoviePass slashed its prices and launched a program allowing subscribers to watch one movie a day in its partnered theaters for less than $10 a month. The response was instantaneous: On the first day, heavy traffic crashed the website. By the second day, more than 150,000 people had signed up.
    Even MoviePass’ partners expressed doubts about the company’s plan. Its largest partner, AMC Theaters, publicly rebuked the new low-cost subscription as “unsustainable” and said it will consider legal action to stop it.
  9. GOP confused and outraged Politico
    — Who is this Trump guy anyway?
  10. Trump called Sessions an “idiot” Raw Story
    — asked him to resign.
  11. Parents bought guns for suicidal teen Raw Story
    — He went on to become a school shooter
  12. Attorney: Feds paid Motel 6 to out immigrants Alternet
    — $200 per name.
  13. Guard admits he shot himself in hoax Star Tribune
    — 55 cops duped into searching. With 4 dogs, state patrol airplane. Looking for a  “black man in a hoodie.”  Isn’t that just the way?

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